Rusti our mini golden doodleEpique Pets, our family owned business, was inspired by the newest member of our family - our mini-goldendoodle, Rusti. She gives us the gift of smiles and laughter every day. It is our passion to bring the best natural supplements to our furry friends.

When we first got Rusti, she was 7 weeks old and little ball of rust.  She was less than 3 lbs. 

The day after we got her, she was acting off… not too playful and she kept trying to hide. We brought her to the vet immediately and we were devastated by her life-threatening diagnosis of Parvo. 


Thankfully, after several days in quarantine and under the care of a fantastic vet team, she recovered.  But the story doesn’t end there.  She needed several weeks at home, where we were unable to take her anywhere and she could not interact with other dogs because her immune system was so weak and because she could still be contagious.  Ultimately, she made it through, but those were critical times for her social confidence and development.

Rusti is now almost 3 years old. (Oh, and she’s not the color of rust anymore!)  She loves to play.  She is non-stop placing toys in our hands and at our feet trying to get us to throw her toys. She loves to go on walks and get out of the house, but she used to get really anxious, stressed and nervous around any people or dogs with whom she is not familiar. 

She is much better now after training, doggy day care and frequent outings.

More than anything, we worry about her own happiness when she has stress or she is not feeling well.  We also want to be able to take her everywhere with us and when she gets stressed like this it can be challenging.

This inspired us to try many different products to try to help her be a happy, healthy fur-baby.  Epique Pets was formed to help other pet parents address health issues.  We have a few products in our line and we are excited to share more with others.

We formulated our Immune Boosting Salmon Oil Soft Chews to keep Rusti as healthy as possible for as long as possible.  This product helps with her brain functions in addition to keeping her coat beautiful and healthy! We have plans for many more supplements.

Pets are our best friends and they deserve an exceptional life. Our products will always be developed with that focus in mind.  We use only the highest quality and natural ingredients to support a long, healthy, happy and comfortable life.